Our mission is to follow the way of Jesus Christ and become a creative Christ-centred group of people that uses all our resources to develop disciples of Jesus Christ in the villages of South Oxfordshire and around the world who love God and love their neighbours.

What is Mission?
We see mission as whatever the people "Ecclesia" in the church are involved with that illustrates the love of God, extends the principles of the Kingdom of God, builds the Church and brings people into contact and relationship with Jesus; meeting needs both practically and spiritually. Therefore, most, if not all, of what we do as a church can be seen as mission in its widest sense. The following lists highlight some of what the church community is connected with and engaged in.
For more details please contact Springwater Church directly

Local Influence

-ARK - Young Mums, Babies & toddlers
- Aspire - Supporting women
- Local area prayer and intercession groups
- Landscaping, developing & maintaining a Biblical garden open to all.
- The Steering Wheel Fellowship, a monthly gathering of people who are interested in classic cars
- Youth Film Nights at Springwater Church
- Tim Valentine International pianist, singer songwriter - www.timvalentine.co.uk
- Driving for FISH, a local charity in Peppard Common
- Friendship Evangelism in South Oxfordshire
- Church Pastoral Ministry
- Spiritual Direction/Counselling
- Bible study groups

We have strong links and many volunteers supporting the CCA charity shop in Sonning Common

Provides support to local charities by running pop-ups and selling delicious homemade bread of many kinds, made with the finest organic ingredients to raise money for charity. Compassionate Loaf also provides bread making workshops for the local church and community


- Supporting Filling Station
- Stewardship - Transforming Generosity - www.stewardship.org.uk
- Tearfund - www.tearfund.org
- Men’s Christian Breakfast Reading Churches
- Open Doors UK -www.opendoorsuk.org


- Oasis India - www.oasisin.org
- YWAM North Africa - gosahara.org; www.uk.om.org
- Cell groups & strategic prayer groups support in Hong Kong and supporting Individuals from & in prison in Hong Kong
  - The Church in Croatia supporting church planting and the development of a CCA type ministry in the country
- Ministry in North India Supporting Pastor George Irwin and his wife Joyce run “Zoe Ministries” which incorporates a house church, a summer Bible School, a TV ministry, and training for young people in English, computer studies, and music, as well as the Gospel
- Training Centres in Liberia supporting the Nagbe family in Monrovia who run a church, several training centres and schools in the country. Springwater has also sponsored and assited and helped many children through the process of education in thes schools and training centres